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St James' Curriculum


As a church school we have strong links with our local faith groups and have adopted RESPECT as our core value, supported by the Christian values of being compassionate and having integrity. Our faith as a church school is reflected in our mission statement.


We aim to give every individual the opportunity and support to develop their full potential within our happy, caring, Christian community.


We balance this with an excellent academic record and provide a range of learning experiences to nurture creativity and independence so that children are prepared for their futures. We understand that the world is changing at a phenomenal rate and have created a curriculum which has its focus on helping children to thrive within it.


Our curriculum is designed to enable children to develop the knowledge, skills and creativity they need to flourish in a world of constant change.


Our Learning

We aim to put children at the heart of their learning and work hard to nurture their confidence.

We have created a curriculum where key skills are taught through motivating themes. The children are involved in the planning stages and their questions and lines of enquiry are included in their learning journeys. We build learning power by encouraging children to be resilient, resourceful, respectful and reflective whilst working together to support each other.


What our children think:


  • Resilience - It is important to never give up because if you do, you will never succeed and never be proud of your success. (Emily)
  • If you are resourceful, you can get past the thing that is stopping you from achieving your goal (Sam)
  • Being reflective means that you look back at what you’ve done and try and make it better (Fern)
  • Working together gives you more confidence (Luke)