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Welcome to Lynx Class

Lynx Class is our mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class,

taught by Mrs Stephenson.

Across the week, we are supported by;

Mrs Wrixon, Miss Jay, Mrs Plant, Miss Diaz 

and Mrs Dore. 



Our learning this half term...





Our focus this half term is narrative writing through exploration of our class text; Avocado Baby. We will use the Talk for Writing approach to support this area of learning. During the imitation phase we will create story maps to help us retell the story using actions and explore new vocabulary from the text to 'magpie' to use within our own stories during our independent write. Focus will continue to be on developing our comprehension skills, making predictions and asking questions about the text and building the skills of planning and developing our own ideas during the innovation stage. 

We will  continue to develop our phonics knowledge, letter formation and sentence structure and spelling of keywords. 





Our focus for the first part of this half term is Place Value. Year 1, will be counting, reading and writing forwards and backwards from any given number 0 - 10 , exploring one more and one less, comparing groups of objects and numbers and ordering numbers. 

Year 2 will be embedding their Place Value knowledge from Year 1 within 20, before extending this to within 50 and 100. Year 2 children will be partitioning numbers into tens and ones, comparing and ordering objects and numbers and accurately counting objects to 100, reading and writing the  numbers in numerals and words.            

We will be developing our mathematical vocabulary to explain our understanding and developing our reasoning and problem solving skills and fluency through a Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach using a variety of resources.                          




Our focus is Animals including Humans, with the main focus being on the Human Body and linking this to our theme of 'I am Special, I am Me!' 

We will identify, name and label the basic parts of the human body and explore our five senses and the body part associated with these. We will identify questions we would like to ask about the human body and through observations and research, will suggest answers to our questions. 


We will be exploring changes within living memory. Placing events in our own lives in chronological order, using everyday terms about the passing of time. We will comparing the similarities and differences between life now and in the past and make predictions about the future. 



We are exploring where we live. We will use maps, globes and atlases as appropriate to locate the United Kingdom and identify the four countries. We will identify the village/town we live in and our closest city.

Religious Education 

This half term we are exploring the question;

'Does God want Christians to look after the world?' 

 We are learning to re-tell the Christian Creation story and to explore how this influences how Christians behave towards nature and the environment.

We will use our beautiful school grounds to help us answer this question and show understanding of how Christians believe the world was created and show an awareness of how we should care for our wonderful world. We will link this in with our school values of compassion, respect and integrity. 

Art/Design Technology

We are exploring colour mixing, mark making and sketching to create a self-portrait. 

We will also be planning, designing and creating a junk model version of ourselves. 


This half term we will be developing our skills to play Tag Rugby and Tennis with our visiting sports coaches. 



Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

We are exploring caring friendships and linking this with our school values of compassion, respect and integrity and our Relationships Blueprint of 'Ready, Respectful and Safe.' 

Lynx Explorers! 


Find out all about our welly exploring adventures.... 

Resources to support your child's reading and writing development at home. 

Double Bubble Dice Game

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