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w/c 18.10.21

Suggested timetable for Remote Learning



  • Spend around half-an-hour each day practising these spellings - work through at your own speed.
  • Make sure you complete the activity as it says in the instructions at the top of each page.
  • If you are finding Step 2 too tricky, try Step 1 instead.



Lesson Introduction - Part 1

Lesson Introduction - Part 2


Lesson Introduction


Step 1 Lesson Introduction

Step 2 Introduction


Step 1 Introduction

Step 2 Introduction


Step 1 Introduction

Step 2 Introduction

Monday: FRENCH

Tuesday: RE (Religious Education)

Read 'The Prodigal Son story', watch the clip from BBC Bitesize and then have a go at the compassion activity.

Wednesday: SCIENCE

Thursday: PE

Have a go at these Tag Rugby activities. If you are not able to do them, try to do an alternative physical activity for 60 minutes.

Friday: PE

If you are not able to do them, try to do an alternative physical activity for 60 minutes.

Snow Leopard Class is our mixed Year 3 and Year 4 class, taught by Mr Spicer and Mrs Trevor.


As our Year 4 pupils are the oldest pupils in the school, they are given extra responsibilities and opportunities to develop their confidence and independence in preparation for transition to middle school.

Learning this half-term...


This half-term, we are developing our reading and writing skills in both fiction and non-fiction.  We are learning about narrative openings through the story of 'The Battle of Bubble and Squeak' and about information writing linked to our Geography learning about cities.


We are developing our skills with place value, and addition and subtraction this half-term.


Our Science theme is 'Materials and Matter'. We are learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases and how the particles in them are arranged and behave. We are also learning about the changing states of matter and the processes that are involved in these changes.


This half-term, we are developing our skills in tag rugby and tennis.

Religious Education

We are increasing the depth of our knowledge about the Creation story in the Bible. We are linking chapters from Genesis with a wonder and appreciation of the world around us alongside considering the challenges that the world faces.


In French, we are learning: common meetings and greetings; how to introduce yourself; how to talk about your family; numbers to at least 10 and classroom instructions.


This term, we are learning about the interrelated aspects of music through learning and performing samba music in a samba band! These lessons will be led by our area leader from Dorset Music Service.

Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

This half-term, we are learning about healthy relationships with our family and friends.

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